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Firework Ultrasonic Diffuser

Firework Ultrasonic Diffuser

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Firework Ultrasonic Diffuser

Instructions for use  

1 Aromatherapy & Atomizer Switch Press once and press again to stop the spray.

2 Color switch After turning on the power, press the first time to turn on the light, and the light will enter the automatic gradual state.

Press the button twice or press the button once to automatically enter the light color manual light setting state.

In this state, the color of the light does not change. To change the color, you need to press this switch. Each color has two levels of strength and weakness.

3 When adding water, the water level should not exceed the high water mark (MAX).

4 Clean the humidifier tank once a week to prevent scale build-up.

5 The outermost glass cover of the humidifier should only be wiped clean with a soft, smooth cloth. Do not add organic solvents (such as alcohol).






Warm lights & colorful lights loop

Timing function

Automatic power-off protection function in case of water shortage


Net content: 10 ml
Extraction method: water/steam distillation
Efficacy: moisturizing, maintenance, massage
Skin Type: General
Uses: spa, aromatherapy, bathing, massage, general purpose

  • Please keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to use.
  • Keep in cool place without the sunshine; 
  • Please clean the water tank if change the flavor of essential oil.
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